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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Under New Management (Motorcycle Season Is Here!)

I FINALLY took my bike out of storage today. It was a gorgeous afternoon and I thought I heard some noises coming from the shed... turns out, my bike was screaming to get her out... yup, it's a she :)

The love affair between me and my motorcycle started in April 2007 (and I won't go into details about my ex from 2005)... we'll actually be celebrating our 4 year anniversary on the 30th :) Now, I must tell you, Kristi (my wife) was very open to the addition when I brought home the shining blue beauty. Despite the rumours that lurk within motorcycle online communities, that as soon as you get married (or have kids), the bike is gone. I couldn't imagine parting ways with my 650cc machine.

On our wedding day (mine & Kristi's that is), as a gag gift, Kristi's uncle gave me a really very interesting license plate (seen in the photo above)...but i was relieved that it was just a gag gift, because he is known to give family members real personalized plates :) I'm also glad what the plate represents isn't the way things run in our marriage :)

I think the understanding between a married couple is very important... as well as tolerance, patience, and understanding - all which I am so lucky to receive from Kristi !

So to all you squids, crotch-rocketeers and hogs, enjoy the motorcycling season, stay safe, and take your significant other for a ride around town - they might really appreciate the emotional connection between the rider and his or her motorcycle !...and who knows, they might actually enjoy it and keep the "management" in your hands....

...and I really hope no one gets "under new management" plates as a real gift !

While you're at it.. why not take the bike to Toronto Bridal Show happening this weekend April 15, 16 and 17th. I won't be there are a vendor this time around, but once you get back with bags of flyers and promotional coupons and have a chance to go through them, send me and email and tell me how it went and if you are still looking for a wedding photographer, by all means, let me know and I'll make sure you are very well looked after !


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